Unboxed: The MINTD BOX – June 2016

Sometimes indulging in a little luxury makes everything so much better so If you want to feel like a birthday girl once a month or want to learn and experiment with more luxurious offerings from the beauty industry then the the arrival of the MINTD Box coming this summer has your name written all over it. With a whopping price tag of £65.00 a month it’s currently the priciest beauty subscription in existence in the UK and with that also comes the risk factor I hear you say and rightly so, after all we know that beauty box’s don’t get it right all the time especially when they’re catering for the masses. This is where the MINTD Box is offering something much more unique as you’ll be able to see what each line up showcases before you commit to buy – phew! Featuring a wealth of lust-worthy brands some of which are stocked at Selfridges and Harrods the line up includes everything you could possibly need to achieve happy glowing skin and it’s definitely luxe at its best with a good selection of new finds covering skincare pick me ups to a rather pleasing make up item too. Sticking to the luxe concept the packaging is absolutely stunning and this is certainly carried right through to the contents inside with an overall value of £128. Enclosed is also a useful little guide that gives you instructions on how to use each of the products. 

The MINTD Box promises to deliver a luxury monthly subscription which offers 3-5 full/deluxe sized high end beauty products from the most respected and innovative brands on the market. The subscription costs £65.00 and you can get 10% off by signing up to the link at the bottom of my post. Here’s the low down on what you can expect to see inside the July edition: 

First up on the skincare front is the Cleanse by Lauren Napier Cleansing Wipes (X5 wipes RRP £7.00), soaked with skin replenishing and utterly refreshing ingredients such as aloe, water, chamomilla and cucumber for cleansed skin in just one swipe. Each wipe is subtly textured making it easy to remove every bit of make up and dirt. Housed in a sleek and chic pocket sized package for use on-the-go, these are ideal for the handbag for a quick refresh or when travelling. 

The sheet mask trend that originated in Korea years ago, has very quickly become popular across the world and I’ve got to admit they’re pretty damn good and actually feel like there doing something if you don’t mind looking like a serial killer for a few minutes! The Patchology Flash Masque Trio (full size RRP £15.00) is a spot-on solution for specific skincare needs and within the pack there’s a mask to revitalize, hydrate, and illuminate your skin within five minutes, perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle! 

With clean skincare in mind, I love REN’s ethics and their Instant Firming Shot (full Size £36.00) promises to instantly firm, lift and plump the skin to leave it looking dramatically smoother, tighter and more youthful. It contains a liquid matrix of Hyaluronans that supercharges the skin with firming moisture and encourages elastin synthesis to firm and remodel the skin over time.

Last of the skincare treats is the ever so luxe Evidens The Rich Cream (Travel Size 10ml RRP 47.00), a creamy but non-oily texture which makes the skin more supple and radiant. It provides deep nourishment, protects from cold and pollution and smoothes wrinkles. 

Onto the make up front the Ellis Faas Hot Lips L403 (full size £23.00) is such a gorgeous addition and for me is the standout product. Incased within an unique bullet-inspired packaging with a sponge tip and a twist-clicker system, Hot Lips L403 is a bold fuchsia shade that really makes a statement and is designed to suit all skin tones. The formula is incredibly light and long-wearing and offers paraben-free, matte-satin lip color loaded with nourishing vitamin E and moisturizing candelilla wax. 

My Verdict

As expected, this box is all about luxury beauty and it does not fail to bring a collective of what high-end beauty has to offer from the signature packaging, the pretty ribbon that keeps everything neat and snug and of course the main attraction being the shiny new beauty finds. With skincare saviours as well as a beautiful make up treat, it’s serious pampering heaven and will not fail to unveil that glow we all long for but it won’t be suitable for everyone as this edition did seem more geared towards dry skin types despite their website stating they’ll be no hit or miss products which in itself is a huge promise!

While there is a gap in the subscription market for something more high end I would have liked to of seen a couple more products if I’m honest, it seems a little lacking for a box that has a eye watering price tag of £65.00. Nonetheless it does exactly what it sets out to do and features some really fancy brands majority of which were all new discoveries for me making it a very intriguing and exciting unboxing, plus the majority is full sized too with an overall value of £128. I think it’s very tricky to curate a universal box for everyone and it’s something that no one will ever get 100% as we’re all individuals but going down the open box route is definitely the way forward and also eliminates the risk factor so that’s definitely a plus in my book!  The overall value isn’t insanely high but you’re definitely making a saving off the rrp’s so it’s a great choice for those who will use everything from the line up. Overall I’d say it’s a very impressive debut with a huge effort put in and If you love discovering the latest and greatest or simply curious about the brands and products featured than this edition is definitely great for that. The ultimate question…would I make the splurge – most certainly if 90% was suited towards my beauty needs. 

Get 10% off your first box when you sign up or gain priority access to the box when 3 of your friends sign up.


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  • Beautyqueenuk

    I agree with your sentiment, for £65 I would have liked to have seen a few more products, especially when LookFantastic and the likes manage to cram so much in for more than half the cost of that box x

  • For me, £65 is wayyy out of the question! Love that you can see the items before buying though! x

  • Helen Beech

    I like that a lot of the brands are ones you don’t usually see in beauty boxes, and that they’re mainly full sizes, but personally I think £65 is too much to pay for a beauty box, except perhaps as a one-off or if there’s a product or two you really want.


  • Sharon BB

    I don’t think it’s worth £65, it doesn’t seem any better than the look incredible deluxe box. Good that you can see what’s in it before buying though.

  • 1989guy

    What were they thinking? A high end luxury box with high end product, that features no high end or luxury products. For a launch Box you’d expect big brands and wow factor, but no, not at all. Who ever worked on this project should be fired because they did not at all deliver.

  • Stephanie Tate

    The link is incorrect and leads to a dead page – more their fault I think than yours! Had to manually type in to find the page but when I tried leaving my email I was sent directly to a landing page which I tried a few times! Not really impressive tbh!

    • Hi Stephanie. I’m really sorry about this. I’ve alerted them and the issue should be resolved shortly.

  • Stephanie Tate

    There is a gap in your link which can lead to a dead page if someone doesn’t have the page cached (I put up a previous post but then realised I could access by Googling) between the double slash there is a gap which needs to be deleted.

    • The link is working now 🙂