Beauty Pick of the Month – August 2016


You’ve probably seen these oval brushes popping up all over blogosphere and social media and while they’ve caused quite a buzz I’ve never really been tempted to give them a go well that was until Cohorted released their very own Ovali Collection and generously featured the Powder Brush inside their August Beauty Box, needless to say it’s a game changer and has very quickly become a staple within my make up bag.

Described as super lightweight and brush mark free as a result of their oval shape and soft condensed bristles, the Ovali collection promises to create a flawless finish through consistent design in each brush, allowing effortless application throughout your beauty routine and I’m pleased to report that their claims are absolutely spot on.

The brush is ever so soft to the touch and effortlessly gives you a flawless veil of coverage without that cakey look and while this one states it’s for powder I’ve discovered that it’s the perfect multitasker as it does an astoundingly good job with foundation too and doesn’t seem to absorb as much product in comparison to traditional brushes.

If you want a perfect, velvety finish to your makeup, this is your brush, especially if you use a cream or powder foundation.

The Ovali Collection by Cohorted is available via