Little Bit Lavish Box Review – October 2016

October Little Bit Lavish Box
Price of the Box starts from £20.00 including P&P
No. of Products in the Box – 5 (+ 3 tea samples)

Hot baths, pampering and early nights definitely sound much more appealing than it did back in summer! I don’t know about you but I definitely start to crave that extra bit of indulgence and this month’s perfectly curated *Little Bit Lavish Box features such a dreamy line up of beautifying skincare and concoctions to relax the mind and aid a good nights sleep. Centered around Sweet Dreams they’ve stuck to the theme throughout and inside there’s lots of new and exciting discoveries to delve into something that got me really excited on first glance plus the line up is actually a complete kit from start to finish and impressively covers all aspects. Fortunately for me I don’t really have any issues when it comes to falling asleep, I pretty much just nod off unless I’ve got something on my mind but regardless it’s been so lovely trialling some of these gorgeous products over the last few days, my bed literally smells so AH-mazing! 

Little Bit Lavish is a new subscription box with pampering in mind. Each item will be carefully chosen for you to enjoy as their belief is that all women deserve some time for themselves.  Whether it be a long soak in the tub, a five minute face mask or something as simple as applying a lip balm!  Their box of goodies will have a different theme each month, with the majority of our products being full size and will contain between 5-7 carefully selected pampering treats from beauty, skincare and the odd makeup item plus a lifestyle item and  something edible or drinkable. The brands they’ll be featuring will be a mixture of established companies to cottage industries with the intention of mainly focusing on organic or natural and cruelty free products.

Here’s an overview of what they featured inside their October edition: 

To kick start your pampering evening, there’s nothing more dreamy than immersing yourself into a hot bath and washing the day away and the Bloomtown Rose Garden Bath Salts (Full Size RRP £3.50) is such an apt addition inside this month’s box. This is my first introduction to the brand and they strive to create beautifully scented, nourishing and sustainable goodies for bath, body and home. The mineral-rich, beautifully scented Pink Himalayan Salts are enriched with vitamin E and sweet almond oil and the grogeous scent alone tells me this is going to be such a popular addition. With soothing rose and subtle white floral notes, the divine scent has a modern twist in comparison to traditional rose scented products and is definitely something I’m looking forward to using.

My least favourite from the line up mainly because I’m not a huge fan of the taste is the Clipper Snore and Peace Tea (x3 tea bags) but I completely get why these were included as they really do fit in with the whole theme! Described as a comforting and delicate fragrant infusion, it balances the delicious floral taste of chamomile and lavender with the refreshing character of lemon balm. 

It was only a few weeks where I mentioned I wanted to try more from Tisserand so as you can imagine my eyes just lit up when I saw the Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist (Full Size £12.95), it’s definitely the stand out product from the line up in my opinion. Described as a bedroom ritual to help relax the body and mind for a perfect night’s sleep the formula is infused with a heavenly blend of Lavender, Sandalwood and Jasmine pure essentials oils. As mentioned above, I really don’t struggle to get to sleep I wish I could say the same about waking up in the mornings but oh my this really does transport you to that happy place of tranquil and is a great choice when you need to unwind and forget about the day. The only downside is the scent didn’t last as well in comparison to other sprays I’ve tried but other than that I love it!

The new discoveries just keep on coming and up next we have the Dream Balm from Kiss the Moon (sample size worth £4.00), a brand I’ve spotted via social media but never had the opportunity to try – the beauty of subscription boxes! Kiss the Moon is a company based in the English countryside, driven by a passion to help people have a beautiful night’s sleep and they sure have us covered judging by their vast collection of potions! Their sleep-inducing Pulse Point Balm with Lavender promises to soothe the soul and lull you peacefully off to sleep at bedtime or if you are woken in the night.

The Siskyn Frankincense and Jasmine Night Oil (Full size £32.00) is something I’ve tried previously and loved so this full size version is certainly a welcome addition. Described as an overnight skin boosting treatment that also benefits from being 100% organic, the oil is infused with amazing ingredients such vitamin rich Organic Rosehip for its antioxidant properties to help combat free radical damage and to increase collagen production plus soothing and calming Organic Calendula and collagen boosting Organic Baobab to aid skin maintenance. In addition to keeping your skin hydrated the dreamy scent also promotes calmness and serenity making it the perfect aid for a dreamy nights sleep.

Lastly we have the Jasmine Silk Eye Mask (RRP £11.00), a soft handmade mask filled with 100% pure mulberry silk floss covered in super soft and smooth heavyweight charmeuse silk. It gently caresses the delicate eye skin, and the natural amino acids present in the silk are believed to be beneficial for the skin. I have at least one or two other eye masks lying around but this one is certainly the most luxurious one I own!  

 My Verdict 

After last month’s successful debut, Little Bit Lavish have definitely passed down the same high standards and quality to their October box and I think you’ll agree this edition was a very successful interpretation of a Sweet Dreams themed box and once again includes mostly full sized products with an incredible value to match. With mindful precision, I love that their handpicked selection contained a complete kit from start to finish to combat those restless night woes and aside from the teabags, I pretty much loved everything else inside the box.

As a beauty box blogger who’s tried many boxes it’s hard to be truly surprised anymore as a lot of the same brands/products keep popping up from box to box, but Little Bit Lavish box have definitely steered away from this and feature things that piques my interest mainly from lesser known brands making the unboxing experience so much more fun and exciting and is one of the reasons why this box really shines. Next month’s edition definitely has my name on it as it’s themed wakey wakey! 

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  • Sunrise Lovatt

    I’m a newbie to Little Bit Lavish, I was so pleased when I received the box above. It’s gorgeous! Can’t wait for the next one. I always read your blog before I choose my next box. I’m currently subscribe to this and Birchbox ? ❤️️