Pink Parcel Review – January 2017

*Pink Parcel – January 2017
Price of the Box per month: £10.50 including free postage

It’s the start of a brand new year and judging by previous curations across the beauty box board it was no surprise that Pink Parcel was going to follow suit and provide us with some skin care must-haves for their January edition but on a positive note there’s a couple of bits that targets my skin concerns plus it is balanced out by a make-up item, a body soap and quite a few foodies items (more than usual – yay!) so it’s really not too bad! In addition to the treats you can also be rest assured that you’ll be fully equipped with all your sanitary essentials from the first day to the very last not forgetting the latest addition of Look Magazine, the perfect companion when you’re snuggled up in bed!

Pink Parcel is a subscription service for your monthly cycle who send you what you need, right when you need it as well as some lovely treats to brighten up those days of the month. With three dispatch dates to choose from, Pink Parcel literally take care of everything and will ship your box before your period is due. If you’re worried about flows and absorbencies, they have that covered too as you can choose your preferred brand as well as the type of sanitary items to suit your flow making it completely bespoke to your needs.

Without further ado here’s what you can expect to see inside this month’s Pink Parcel:

1. Period Essentials

No matter what your cycle length is the amount of sanitary items and liners included within the box is impressive. You can also choose between receiving pads or tampons from a good selection of brands.

I was particularly happy to see popular brands on board such as Tampax, Always and Body Form. If you’re anything like me then this really helps avoid last-minute runs to the supermarket! There’s also a useful drawstring pouch filled with pads and liners that you can pop into your handbag straightaway.

2. Beauty Treats – 5 Items

Okay, so this month’s beauty line up is a little skin care heavy for my liking but it’s balanced out by a make-up treat and a body soap and does contain some new discoveries that have piqued my interest so it’s not all bad!

Up first inside my box is a brand new discovery for me from Seacret Skincare in the form of a sampler set that contains various sachets from their collection. These one/two use samples are a great way to get to know the brand and their products a little better without spurgling on full sizes so I’m looking forward to giving these a go.

Famous for their ever so popular lip balms, I’ve not tried anything from Burt’s Bees skin care line and their Soap Bark and Chamomile Cleansing Cream (Travel Size 20g) sounds pretty amazing for my oily skin. This deep cleansing cream is formulated with natural soap bark to gently remove dirt, excess oil and makeup and is infused with chamomile and aloe to soften skin while the hint of menthol, known for its cooling properties, cools and revitalises the skin. It’s also 99.9% natural and contains no parabens, phthalates or petrolatum.

To keep those pesky spots at bay, Pink Parcel have also included the Sebamed Clear Face Gel (Sample Size 10ml RRP £2.60), a brand that they offer a niche range of products specifically for acne prone skin. This moisturising gel targets pimples, blackheads and blemishes with a pH value of 5.5 and is oil, emulsifier, perfume and colourant free. I can’t say that I suffer from acne but I do get the occasional breakout so this will definitely come in handy as an on the spot treatment.

Moving onto body care is the a bar of soap from The English Soap Company (Full size RRP £4.95 – scent may vary). I received rose which isn’t something I would have picked out myself even more so as it’s that fragrance – you know the one that smells like your gran! I much prefer my rose scented products to have that modern twist. 

Lastly on the beauty front is another new discovery being the Wonderland Lash Lengthening Mascara with Fibers (Full size RRP £11.50), a lightweight creamy formula with micro fibres that promises to extend and builds your lashes to extreme lengths. Having tried this a couple of times, I can’t say this actually did anything for my lashes which is such a shame as I had high hopes for this! 

3. Tea and Sweet Treats – 4 items

As well as the beauty and lifestyle line up you can also expect to see a sample of tea and foodie treats, the perfect mix to satisfy those cravings and as always they sure do hit the spot but always disappear so quickly!

Inside this month’s curation you’ll find a generous line up consisting of a pack of  Nairns Oat Biscuits, Creative Nature Goji Goodness Flapjack bar, Montezuma Smooth Milk Chocolate Bar and a sample of the Cuppanut Coconut Infusion.

My Verdict

So on first glance I was a little underwhelmed by the beauty line up this month due to all the skin care additions mainly because we already had some skin care in December but I was pleasantly surprised once I delved further into the contents as there was a couple of bits appropriate for my skin type so they will definitely get used. I’m particularly intrigued with the Burt’s Bees Cleaner as I’m yet to try anything from their skin care range so I can’t wait to pop this open. The item I was most excited about and really wanted to love was the mascara but performance wise it did nothing for my lashes (sad face)! This month’s edition definitely had some interesting new discoveries and a very generous amount of edible treats which is always welcome not forgetting the copy of Look Magazine to get your daily dose of the latest fashion and beauty trends. Despite this month’s box not being one of my favourite editions I really can’t knock how incredibly good value for money and jam packed Pink Parcel is, it’s the perfect way to try a range of beauty and lifestyle products without totally breaking the bank as well as being such a fantastic resource to ensure you’re fully stocked from the first day to the very last.

If you haven’t got on the Pink Parcel train yet then it’s definitely a subscription I highly recommend and the thrill of the surprise will not fail to make you look forward to that time of the month!

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