Lip Monthly Review – February 2017

Lip Monthy – February 2017
Price of monthly subscription including shipping to the UK $16.94 (£13.59)
No of Products: 4
Value: £50.00

If you love lipstick, lip gloss, lip glaze, lip stain – essentially, anything in the make-up realm for lips then Lip Monthly which hails all the way from the USA is such a cheap and cheerful subscription that delivers worldwide and is the perfect way to experiment with different brands and shades. As the name suggests this particular subscription is about all things lips but they do also include a non-lip item which I’m not too fussed about as long as it is only the one product! You’ll be pleased to know that they also offer a little customisation meaning you can pick the shade for one or two of the products. I am a total lip junkie so not only does this concept appeal to me but I’m hoping I’ll get to try some US brands too. The products come in adorable reusable cosmetic bags with an information card detailing the retail cost of each item and I don’t know whether I was super lucky with my first ever bag but all of the shades were spot on in terms of my likes which by the way never happens to me! Delivery-wise, I’d say my bag arrived within 10 days after my dispatch email by DHL and I’m pleased to report I didn’t incur any custom charges either. 

Lip Monthly’s monthly bags feature all full-sized products straight to your door and help you discover the best Lip Glosses, Lip Sticks, Lip Balms, Lip Stains and much more. In addition, they’ve partnered with niche brands to big brands all around the world to deliver you 4-5 deluxe products every month with subscriptions starting from around £13.59 (dependant on the dollar exchange rate). Here’s a very quick overview of what was inside my February bag:

  • Model Co Lipstick in the shade Truffle – Full size £13.63
    A flattering pinky nude hue with a formula that’s glossy and hydrating.


  • Sugar Crayon in the shade Poison Ivy – Full size £13.73
    A semi-matte lip crayon in a beautiful deep red shade and a couple of swipes gives you full opacity.


  • Cosmoholic Gloss in the shade Mysterious Mocha – Full size £10.02
    A liquid lipstick that contains intensive hydrating agents along with rich pigments leave lips with long-lasting color and moisture to give you the best lip therapy and bold color combined.


  • Cargo Eye shadow in the shade St Tropez – Full size £12.83
    Described as richly pigmented, this Natural Beige shimmery velvety eye shadow is such a stunning and universal shade.

My Verdict

I love exploring new shades when it comes to lip products, so my first ever Lip Monthly turned out to be a huge success. I did worry if the bag would be delivered promptly,if the products would be worth it and would the shades all be dud, but it’s safe to say I loved every single one of their picks even the Cargo Eye Shadow which is such a stunning shade. Value-wise this month’s bag boasts a respectable value of around £50.00 which is fab when you take into account the overall subscription cost. I also like the fact that they feature full-size products only from a mixture of both well-known and niche brands making the unboxing unbagging so more fun. I don’t know if I got super lucky this month but Lip Monthly absolutely nailed it in terms of my likes and I’ll definitely be continuing my subscription.

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  • Yaz

    Ooo this is an exciting one!! i have completely stopped wearing face make up and only wear eye make up ( some days) and lip products everyday so i was like there should be a lip monthly box and this one looks amazing!! <3