Beauty Pick of the Month – February 2017

I’ve tried a few products from Polaar thanks to beauty boxes but none have quite wowed me as much as their Icy Magic Roll-on so as I’ve been using this pretty much every evening  and the fact that it’s superseded my other eye products it was kind of a no brainer to feature this hero from my Look Fantastic Box for my February Beauty Pick of the Month post.

Polaar is a unisex brand that’s inspired by Arctic and Antarctic plants and boasts a blend of highly protective active ingredients, developed to protect your skin in the harshest of climates

So the Icy Magic Roll-on may just look like another eye product but it’s so much more than that and I can guarantee you’ll love it just as much as I do! As well as doing all the standard stuff such as de-puffing, hydrating the skin under your eyes and reducing the appearance of dark circles it also claims to stimulate lash growth which is quite handy especially if you’re currently using separate products although I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference on that front as of yet. 

Boasting a lightweight and gentle formula with a handy roll-on tip, the cream has a very smooth texture, absorbs quickly and leaves a cooling sensation on the skin which in turn makes tired eyes feel especially good and rejuvenated and is one of those products that you can “feel” working straight away. I’ve been mainly using this in the evenings before bed but I’ve also discovered that this offers multiple benefits such as a base for my concealer, refreshing my eyes when I’ve been staring at my computer screen for a long period of time and lastly being a contact lens wearer this also revives my eyes when they are feeling a little dry and uncomfortable.

Have you tried the Polaar Icy Magic?