My Little Box Review – April 2017

*My Little Box – April 2017
Price of the Box –  from £13.95 a month

No of Products  – 8 items

My April My Little Box arrived fashionably late as usual and as this month’s box was ultimately themed around Gardens I thought it would be rather apt if I ventured out into the garden to take my photo’s which is the first for me as I do love a white background! Anyway in terms of the theme it’s been executed very well and the box design is ever so pretty but if I’m completely honest I wasn’t really wowed by some of the contents and I’m also a little baffled why we have such a skin care heavy beauty line-up but nonetheless this box still brings a smile to my face and I love that they focus on both beauty and lifestyle products. 

My Little Box is a hand-picked and beautifully designed box of beauty, fashion and lifestyle surprises. With fashion accessories, beauty products and other goodies created exclusively for you and based around a different theme every month, each box promises to delight their subscribers. They also produce their very own in-house beauty products known as My Little Beauty.

Here’s what they featured inside their April edition:

1. The Beauty Products – 3 Items

Each month My Little Box include 3-4 beauty products from both well-known and emerging brands, all of which are either are generous full sizes or samples.

Up first is the Mixa Restoring Body Lotion (Full size RRP £6.49), a budget brand I’ve not come across before but this was the culprit that made the box so much more heavier this month! This body lotion is enriched with Allantoin and immediately moisturises dry skin leaving it feeling intensely repaired and soothed with a non greasy formulation. 

This month we have two offerings from My Little Beauty, the first item is the Vitamin Shot Face Scrub (Full size 75ml) that’s described as a wake up call for the skin! Made with Bamboo extract, apricot seed powder and argan oil this promises to reveal a smoother, brighter and more awake-looking skin. I do love the fragrance so while I wasn’t excited to see this I’ll definitely give it a go. 

Up next from My Little Beauty is the Easy Morning Moisturiser (Full size 40ml), a perfecting cream that hydrates and illuminates dull and tired skin thanks to the subtle shimmer particles however it’s not actually subtle at all and literally made me look like a disco ball – certainly not a look I’d want to be rocking in the mornings!

2. Lifestyle Items – 5 items

This month on the lifestyle front you can expect to see a generous variety of goodies to delve into, 5 to be precise and includes a Monthly Fruit and Veg Calendar,  a Magnetic Shopping List Pad which is really handy to stick on the fridge  (it stays put too!), a Printed Bandana Scarf, Water Bottle Fruit Infuser and a pack of Ape Coconut Bites.

My Verdict

I’ve got to admit in comparison to last month’s box which was truly amazing, their April edit just wasn’t on par in my opinion but having said that they did execute the garden theme to perfection and is something that never fails to amaze me. Line-up wise there was lot’s to delve into and it started off really well with the huge body lotion, the magnetic shopping list and the water bottle but unfortunately for me it just went downhill from there, I guess I just wasn’t excited by the remainder and I definitely wasn’t impressed with the all the skin care they included but I did like that they threw some healthy vibes into the mix such as the water bottle, the coconut bites and the seasonal fruit and veg calendar. Overall this month’s box wasn’t a favourite of mine but it did include some highlights that I’ll certainly be able to make use out of. 

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*PR Sample

  • Alison M

    I actually preferred this month (thought last month’s was pretty poor TBH). I got an illuminating moisturiser for legs though instead of the face easy one though so will give it a go before venturing into shorts this summer!

    MLB still seems to be one of the best lifestyle subs and the only one I’ve continued (since 2014) have dumped the rest as they became so “samey”. There’s also only so many products you can use in a lifetime and many were ending up in the bin. Now I can try a couple without feeling guilty if I don’t like them.

  • Ali and Her

    I liked the coconut bites best this month! Loved the perfume and laura mercier primer in last months. They were always going to be hard to beat!

    Amina xx |

  • w097045

    I gave away the big bottle of lotion. I also got self tanner (which I’ve had before and didn’t want the first time) and the vitamin shot. I like the extra’s but not to the point they were worth £15. And to be blunt their skincare range is nice but basic and to get 3 basic skincare items was frustrating. I have given them feedback and I’m giving it another month hoping for less skincare.

  • C De Lucia

    I have repeatedly requested they do a Tour De France themed Cycling Box & interview cyclists & give a Rucksack as they did once send a gym bag but a pretty Rucksack would be ideal when on a bike! Really hoping that they will take up my suggestion! They need to amp up their game to compete and outsell other contenders such as Glossybox.

  • I had the same box as you, unfortunately it’s now the third time I’ve received that mirror ball moisturiser in less than a year. They seem to just be trying to get rid of old stock in my opinion it’s not the first time recently that they’ve repeated their own brand old products, I would mind less if it was an extra but they’ve replaced something else with a repeat which is a no-no in my book.

    Rachael // Helpless Whilst Drying

    • Wow, that’s terrible. The funny thing is they’ve marketed that cream as being subtle! I looked so hideous with all that sparkle!!! Here’s to hoping their May edit is a good one.

  • Alison M

    You should see the September 2017 box and the number of complaints / cancellations that have been made! Company’s response – to change their t&cs to say samples rather than 2 full size products! Seems really underhand and shows they simply don’t care about their UK subscribers. After 3 years I’ve ended my sub and won’t be back.