Lip Monthly Review – April 2017

Lip Monthy – April 2017
Price of monthly subscription including shipping to the UK $16.94 (£13.59)
No of Products: 4
Value: $52.67 (£40.86)

It’s that time of the month again to take look inside my Lip Monthly bag and I’ve got to admit I’ve had a pretty good run since February but I just knew that sooner or later I was going to receive a couple of duds and unfortunately April just happened to be that month! Themed around spring, there was a couple of shades that I would associate more with autumn/winter but nonetheless I was delighted to see familiar brand So Susan on board in addition to some new discoveries. As the name suggests this particular subscription from the USA is about all things lips but they do also include a non-lip item and is such a cheap and cheerful subscription that delivers worldwide. As opposed to a box, the products come inside an adorable reusable cosmetic bags with an information card detailing the retail cost of each item and luckily I managed to dodge any custom charges again this month! 

Lip Monthly feature all full-sized products straight to your door and helps you discover the best Lip Glosses, Lip Sticks, Lip Balms, Lip Stains and much more. They also partner up with niche brands to big brands from all around the world to deliver you 4-5 deluxe products every month with subscriptions starting from around £13.59 (dependant on the dollar exchange rate).

Here’s a very quick overview of what was inside my April bag:

  • So Susan Liquid Lipstick in Pumpkin $11.67 (£9.01)
    A highly pigmented liquid lipstick that gives you brilliant moisture without the stickiness and long-lasting colour without the flakiness. Formulated with Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter and Chamomile Extract, super ingredients that help keep lips hydrated, smooth and supple.


  • Estate Lipstick in Damn $10.00 (£7.92)
    Hydrate your lips with a pop of colour.


  • Be a Bombshell Lipgloss in First Kiss $6 (£4.63)
    A plum shade with shimmer that’s super smooth and creamy with great pigmentation. I really love the long wear that this gloss provides but I’m not so in love with the shade.


  • Mally Beauty Highlighting Pen $25.00 (£19.30)
    This highlighter pen in the shade Peach Deep, works to illuminate key areas of the face. I’ve heard great things about Mally Beauty so I had really high expectations but the formula was cakey and smelt a little off too.

My Verdict

Unfortunately this month’s selection wasn’t a personal favourite of mine which was bound to happen as the last two months have been pretty amazing in terms of the shades I go for but their was a couple of highlights that I’ll certainly be able to use. The one product I really had high hopes for was the Mally Beauty Highlighting Pen, unfortunately it turned out to be quite dissapointing which is such a shame as I’ve heard great things about this brand. So as you can see this month’s offering was a little hit and miss for me but here’s to hoping that May makes up for the shortfall.

If want to discover brands from the US or want to experiment with different shades and formulas then Lip Monthly is the perfect destination. 

Lip Monthly Offer:

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  • NatCBenton

    I hate to tell you I am not impressed with them. My bag still isn’t here! First the tracking said the shipping label was created on 10 April. Then it didn’t say it arrived at the facility until 25 April. Lip Monthly said it was on DHL but it looks like it didn’t leave them til April 25? ?????so disappointed. I cancelled for future bags but am still hoping the April one will eventually get here

  • NatCBenton

    Update: I owe Lip Monthly an apology. I received my bag yesterday and it hasn’t even been updated on the DHL website. However, I did not receive another type of item; I got a chap stick. Which sucks in comparison to the cool highlighter. Quite disappointed tbh ?

    • Glad it arrived! I wouldn’t be too dissapointed that you didn’t receive the highlighter it was horrible!

      • NatCBenton

        As much as I hate it didn’t work for you, I am relieved I didn’t miss out on a good product lol