Pink Parcel Review – June 2017

*Pink Parcel – June 2017
Price of the Box per month: £10.50 including free postage

It’s that time of the month again and for June Pink Parcel have treated their subscribers to an array of beauty and lifestyle products which in turn is the perfect distraction and pick me up not forgetting the fact that it also eradicates those mad dashes to the supermarket – something I really don’t miss although I think I’m pretty stocked up for the next 6 months as I never manage to get through them all! Line-up wise, it’s another well-rounded and value for money curation and excitingly also features one of those silicone blenders which I’ve been really wanting to try without having to resort to other alternatives – I won’t go there!  

Pink Parcel is a subscription service for your monthly cycle who send you what you need, right when you need it as well as some lovely treats to brighten up those days of the month. With three dispatch dates to choose from, Pink Parcel literally take care of everything and will ship your box before your period is due. If you’re worried about flows and absorbencies, they have that covered too as you can choose your preferred brand as well as the type of sanitary items to suit your flow making it completely bespoke to your needs.

Without further ado here’s what you can expect to see inside this month’s Pink Parcel:

1. Period Essentials

No matter what your cycle length is the amount of sanitary items and liners included within the box is impressive. You can also choose between receiving pads or tampons from a good selection of brands.

You can expect to see popular brands on board such as Tampax, Always and Body Form. If you’re anything like me then this really helps avoid last-minute runs to the supermarket! There’s also a useful drawstring pouch filled with pads and liners that you can pop into your handbag straightaway.

2. Beauty Treats – 5 Items

These silicone sponges have had quite a moment in the beauty world when they were first launched to a point where people were trying all sorts of alternatives including body parts but I won’t go into that! Anyway I for one was really excited that this Siligel Blender by STYLondon (RRP £6.99) made the cut for this month’s Pink Parcel line-up as I’ve been wanting to try one for ages and is just one of the reasons why I love beauty boxes! The blender promises to help seamlessly apply foundation and face creams and I love that they can be washed pretty easily too unlike sponges!

On the skincare front and another firm favourite is the Spa To You Konjac Sponge (RRP £7.99), something I’ve already tried via a previous beauty box but I really enjoyed using this so I’m delighted to welcome this back to my cleansing regime as the one I’m currently using needs to be binned!

Up next is the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash (Travel size 50ml) which sits really well within the line-up especially if you suffer with breakouts and oily skin during the time of the month. The Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash is recommended for all skin types and formula wise it’s creamy and gentle enough for drier skins whilst at the same time the ingredients help to thoroughly cleanse the skin without stripping making it ideal for those with oil prone skin too. Containing a wonderful blend of skin calming essential oils that helps to balance troublesome skin, and I can definitely vouch for that having used this in the past. The formula leaves my skin feeling clean, removes make-up effortlessly and foams up really well using the tiniest amount.

I love multi-purpose creams and the Figs & Rouge 3 in 1 Hero Cream (Full size RRP £18.00) is very moisturising with a bunch of extra benefits. Designed for use on all areas of face & body and developed with a unique formula, the cream support tissue hydrodynamics & adjusts moisture absorption to skin, relating to season & climate, for consistent optimal skin hydration. The formula is thick and creamy without leaving a greasy residue and I’ll think you’ll agree it’s a very generous full sized addition and its compact size and the robust tin makes this ideal for traveling.

Moving onto makeup we have the Benecos Lip Liner (RRP £3.95) and from the variations available I received the shade pink and is definitely the colour I would have picked out myself! This natural lipliner evens and defines the lip line and is the perfect base for lipstick.

Last but not least is the Anatomicals Deep Conditioning Hair Pack (RRP £1.50), a mask that helps to replenish moisture and repair dry and damaged hair leaving it frizz-free and beautifully sleek. My hair takes quite a beating due to heat styling so these types of masks always come in useful.

3. Tea and Sweet Treats – 2 items

As well as the beauty and lifestyle line up you can also expect to see a sample of tea/coffee and foodie treats the perfect mix to satisfy those cravings and as always they sure do hit the spot but always disappear so quickly!

Inside this month’s curation you can expect to see a sample of Purple Tea from The London Tea Company and a Rawcha Organic Matcha Bar.

My Verdict

Pink Parcel boxes are always curated to perfection and I’d say this month’s line up was another successful edition from them covering all bases on the beauty front and perfect for the purpose intended although the edible treats seemed a little lacking this month. I am perhaps mostly excited about trying out the silicone blender, something I’ve been curious about for quite a while so I’m delighted that this was amongst the line-up this month plus it’s also nice to have a spare konjac sponge as the one I’m using currently has definitely seen better days! In terms of favourites, I really like the Figs and Rouge 3 in 1 Hero Cream and the pretty designed tin is perfect to accompany you if you’re traveling. Overall, I’m really pleased with this month’s box and and it included a host of loveable and usable items that won’t get shoved in the back of a drawer and forgotten about! 

If you haven’t got on the Pink Parcel train yet then it’s definitely a subscription I highly recommend and the thrill of the surprise will not fail to make you look forward to that time of the month! 

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  • Silv

    This was my first Pink Parcel box and I am disappointed:( Sanitary products are not the ones I use, even though I have chosen them specifically and the rest of the box was a bit not what I expected. The only good things I suppose is the silicone blender and balance me face wash. That’s about it. Cancelled it straight away….

  • This is the only box I order every month, Birchbox and me have an on and off relationship but this one always stays. x