Unboxed: #GirlCrush Box – June 2017

#GirlCrush Box – June 2017
Price of the Box: £20.00 plus free postage
No of Products: 9
visit https://www.hashtaggirlcrush.com/pages/main

After a very successful May edition and a line -up that was definitely going to be a tough one to beat, I decided to subscribe to #GirlCrush to see what their June box had to offer and oh my I was completely blown away and absolutely chuffed when I opened my box and quite literally had to look twice as I just couldn’t believe how jam packed my box was plus it was even better than last month which I wasn’t expecting at all! This showstopper of a box had me beaming from ear to ear showcasing an all-star line-up filled with beauty, fashion, stationary and lifestyle treats and every single item was full sized which is just incredible. The concept as a whole is certainly refreshing and inviting as they expose a host of beautiful and innovative brands created by women which is such a great way to get to know them a little better and recognise the amazing work they all do but and it’s going to a big but…from what I’ve seen from other customers via social media the contents vary hugely which is something that’s a major flaw in my opinion however I’m also mindful that they are still fairly new so I hope they take all feedback on board good and bad as this box certainly has the potential to be great one.

If you’re new to the #GirlCrush Box then it’s now a pay-as-you-go box as opposed to a monthly subscription and contains carefully curated luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and you’ll also get to know the inspiring women behind the products, hence the name #GirlCrush – the aim is to have you crushing on both the products you receive and the girlies they were created by. Each month you can expect 8 high quality products sometimes worth up to £150! Every month they also donate 10% of their box sales profits to a women’s charity.

Here’s a very quick overview of what I received inside my June Box:

  • The Salt Parlour Coffee and Coconut Salt & Sulphur Scrub – Full size 200g RRP £15.00
    This scrub with a cellulite targeting boost of freshly ground, fairtrade coffee together with nourishing organic cold-pressed coconut oil and the high caffeine content promises to stimulate blood flow, target cellulite, stretch marks and troubled skin conditions, and the fragrance will definitely perk up your senses! It’s also natural, vegan, cruelty-free and is hand made. 


  • MIA Scalp Therapy Oil Treatment – Full size 100ml RRP £12.00
    Encouraging hair growth and benefiting dry, itchy and irritated scalps, the Scalp Therapy Oil is a blend of 3 stimulating and hydrating ingredients to take care of your scalp. Castor Oil is a popular natural hair growth treatment while Peppermint Oil stimulates blood flow and adds a cooling sensation to calm the symptoms of a dry scalp. These oils are blended with Sweet Almond Oil to moisturise and add the essential fatty acids that hair loves.


  • Feline Lashes: The Kitten Collection – RRP $21.67
    These lashes give you a look as fluffy and sweet as the Ragdoll cat! The lashes are vegan and cruelty-free, hand-made and if you treat them with love they will last you up to 20 uses.


  • Lou Lou Lips Lipstick in the shade Venus RRP $19.00 AUD
    A Moisturising semi-matte lipstick in a deep red hue and is made with Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil which is small white flower traditionally found in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and in some areas of California. Limnanthes Alba has excellent moisturising properties which are very good for dry sensitive skin. This oil adheres easily to the skin and does not easily disintegrate, meaning that moisturizing benefits last for hours after application.


  • Cutisonic Facial Cleanser and Makeup Applicator – RRP £64.99
    The award winning Cutisonic produces over 22,000 waves per minute (over 360 per second), almost twice the intensity of a normal face cleanser.  These waves deep cleanse pores to rid the skin of excess oils and stimulate increased circulation. It 
    uses a super-soft silicon sonic cleanser pad, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and a single pad can last for months, even with daily use. Cutisonic also doubles up as a make-up applicator and promises to apply liquid foundation very naturally and flawlessly. 


  • Kendall & Co Lime, Basil and Mandarin Candle – Travel Size RRP £10.00
    An enticing mouthwatering medley with top notes of Sicilian lime, and zesty bergamot blend into a juicy heart bursting with ripe mandarins, aquatic white florals, peppery basil and caraway seeds. Base notes include soft velvety patchouli and sharp green vetivert.


  • iDEAL of Sweden Port Laurent Marble Phone Case RRP £29.99
    The Port Laurent marble has a black base and gold and blue highlights – It’s a truly stunning phone case!


  • Sadler Jones x2 Luxury Notebooks – RRP £6.50
    Made in the UK, these notebooks not only look the part but they also make great blog props! Each A5 notebook has 40 lined pages. 


  • Carmine Black bra and Thong Set RRP £26.00
    This black bra and thong set has been designed with both comfort and luxurious elements in mind. The soft cotton cups helps to give a flattering fit with a simple structure. The two tone Carmine elastic gives the lingerie a casual feel perfect for festivals and summer wear.

My Verdict

Other than my main concern around the different variations from box to box, I personally was more than delighted with what I received on this occasion and last month so it will be interesting to see what July delivers but overall I was truly gobsmacked with the wealth of quality brands and value that came with this box not to mention that they’ve put all this together for only £20 a month which alone deserves a round of applause! Their June line-up which touched on an excellent area of beauty, fashion, stationary and lifestyle treats featured so many favourites and apart from the bra and thong set which turned out to be way too small, I don’t think there’s anything I won’t continue to make use out which is really promising. Another aspect that I loved is that this box introduces  me to a host of under the radar brands and although their not that well-known they really do not compromise on the quality front and I’m definitely tempted to make some more cheeky purchases to support these amazing ladies! Overall, this was another well-curated and incredible value for money edition and all the products actually felt like true treats which in turn has encouraged me to buy the July edition – not that I needed convincing! I’m hoping to have a proper play with this lot over the weekend especially the Cationic which sounds amazing!

If you do fancy subscribing please ensure you do fill out the box where it asks you to state your preferences as this will ensure you receive some customised items within your box. In other news, they have recently launched their brand new stationary box! 

For more information or to purchase the July Box (June box has now sold out) please visit https://www.hashtaggirlcrush.com/pages/main 

  • Anne Bell

    Absolutely loved my #girlcrush box! So disappointed it’s no longer a subscription box and I seem to have missed out on July’s box as it now says sold out :(. The contents of the box were completely different to yours except the phone case but I like that as there is no sneaky peeking which I can’t help doing before my subscription boxes arrive by googling like a crazy woman what other people have received!

    • Hi Anne. Great to hear you loved your box 🙂

  • Sharon BB

    You’ve received a good box, they are certainly worth the money. I’ve purchased a July box. Hopefully I’ll be as pleased with it as I was with June’s. It’s a welcome change from birchbox etc.

    I think the average Jo will receive less products though, seems five is the average.

  • Nicola Pragnell

    Yeah I only got 6 so not sure where the 8 comes from. Apart from the bra and pants you got which I got a lace pair of panties also too small my box was the same except you got 3 extra things on top. I feel like they are giving you more to con people into subscribing based on your review. I’m getting july box so will see if it happens again

    • Hope July is a better month for you

  • Debbie A

    Mine was very different, I got a bikini which is too small, the bra and thong set which I think I would need to be 8 years old to fit into and then a largish white dress and a serum. I am not complaining though as surprise boxes will please some people and not all and I accept that! Also I was one of the lucky ones to get a Hair Hero so feel very lucky!!? Have subscribed for July.

    • Hope July is a better box for you. The brand has read every single comment on here so here’s to hoping they make it more fair

  • Alexandra Kireva

    My box has also quite different than your, no clothing items at all, no lipstick and no serum, no cleaning brush….. I am somewhat disappointed to be honest, based on your review and other bloggers that I have read I did expect a bit more. Did manage to get a curler as I was fast enough. Gutted that they are not a subscription any more.
    I am still thinking about next month’s box. I also think that they send bloggers much more as to gain momentum. Maybe will skip a month.

    • I think everyone’s box was so, so different – some were good others not so great 🙁

  • Nicki

    My box was definitely lacking compared to others that I have seen. I got the lashes, scalp oil, different design phone case and a face oil sample. I did however get the hair curler due to being quick to order. I do feel that those of us that got the hair curler received less than other subscribers which has annoyed me. The curler was a ‘bonus’ item, not a choose your own.
    I won’t be getting this box again, I have swapped to little known box instead. Loved it this month 🙂

    • Nicki

      I have also treated myself to your box to make myself feel better lol!

      • Ah thank you! Hope you like it 🙂 It will be shipped tomorrow x

  • karin hauser

    Hi Jaina, yours is a GREAT box and apart from the false lashes COMPLETELY different and WAY superior to the one I received! I subscribed to the box based on your review last month and was really looking forward to receiving it.
    I’d filled out the personalisation as requested with my age, clothing sizes and preferences.
    When the box arrived it contained:
    The eyelashes (way too flashy for me)
    2 small pink and purple glitter eyeshadows (refills) that look like they belong in an 11year olds birthday party bag – I can’t even pass them on to my teenage daughters.
    1 4ml sample facial serum
    1 small oval make up brush, I’ve seen a similar one in Superdrug for £2.50
    1 badly made black polyester midi skirt, I saw a similar one on sale in New Look @£14.99 over the week-end- again, again I don’t seem able to pass this one on to anyone either.
    1 small thin notepad
    How this would amount to a value of £150 beats me…
    The only thing I will use is the oval makeup brush, that I could have bought for £2.50.
    Needless to say I will not be buying from #GIrlcrush again.
    It’s such a shame as I really liked the “Support women bosses” idea and that part of the profits go to charity but I’ve learnt a lesson here, I think I’ll just donate the money directly to charity next time.
    I’d written it off as one of those flash in the pan boxes, but now when I see all the lovely and fullsize items that you received in your box, I actually feel conned! I think it’s important to point out that, at least from my experience, this is NOT representative of what your readers should expect if they buy one of the £20 boxes!

    • Sharon BB

      I think I would have been disappointed with this box too. I received lashes, skirt (which I like), bikini (meant for a young hottie, which isn’t me!!!), scalp serum, full size face serum.

      I gave the lashes away and won’t use the bikini, but I will use the other 3, so it was worth £20 for me. I must admit I was expecting more though, I thought I would get 8 items.

      I have ordered the July box on the back of what I received, but there does seem to a lot of negative reviews clocking up.

      • I completely understand why people are disappointed so I really hope they take it all on board

    • I subscribed just like everyone else but even I can see that some customers boxes are much better than others. I just hope they make it more fair

  • Emma Waines

    Hi, i have to agree with some of the comments, my box was TOTALLY different as well! I received 2 x phone cases, some kind of biking that really wasn’t anywhere near something that would fit, 2 small notebooks, a set of very dramatic false eye lashes and a few cream. I was so looking forward and really excited about receiving the box, but i am really, really sorry to not be as positive as i could be, but i really wasn’t very impressed. It is a real shame as it looked so, so promising – never mind. Really love your blog site and the reviews though, they are ace. Xx

    • I hope the brand takes all the feedback on board as it has so much potential to be a great box. Thanks for your kind words Emma x

  • w097045

    I got:
    The same hair oil
    The same eyelashes
    An Etsy seller who no longer sells face oil
    Moogoo moisturiser

    I gave the choker to a 7 year old who loved it. It was cheap. I’ll keep the soap and maybe the moogoo but the rest I’m giving away.

  • Natalie

    I love your blog, and it was the recommendation of your last post about GirlCrush that led me to buy the box.

    I am very disappointed with my box in comparison to your own. I would actually really like to see a comment on your post either directing readers to read the comment section for other recipients experiences, or acknowledgement that as a beauty blogger you may have received almost double the items, and some much higher quality ones at that! I understand that you have loyalty to the beauty boxes, but sadly I don’t think saying you subscribed like everyone else quite explains it.

    I have left my subscription for one more month and am going to film myself opening it in case the discrepancy arises again. If not, that’s fab and I’ll continue subscribing if it matches the fab items you’ve received. If it doesn’t match then I’m currently in the mind set to post on social networking sites to show the differences.

    I honestly feel very disappointed that, having never subscribed to a beauty box, I chose a women led brand which showed such bias.

    • Hi Natalie. I completely understand your disappointment and others however my reviews are completely honest regardless of whether it’s a PR sample or not hence why I mentioned in my review that the lack of consistency across the boxes needs improving. Also, the box is no longer a subscription.

      • Natalie

        Hi Jaina. I appreciate your reply, however, I really based my buying the box on your last review. Do you not feel you owe your readers a Big disclaimer at the start of your post stating that there are huge discrepancies between your PR sample and received boxes? Perhaps also stating that your 9 products is almost 50% more then received by everyone else? And that value wise yours is over double?

        Ah, I didn’t realise it wasn’t subscription. I’ll just have to take pictures of my current box and yours and use those.

        • w097045

          Jaina didn’t know there would be a difference and purchased the box, it wasn’t a PR sample. It’s not her fault.

          • Thank you! I really didn’t know until I started researching what everyone else got. I purchased the box, posted the contents and advised in my post that the contents varied from box to box! I’ve alerted the brand to the comments so hopefully next month’s boxes will be a fairer

      • Natalie

        Also, I’ve just taken pictures of your post to send to Girlcrush and you do not state that this is a PR sample anywhere on your post.

        • That’s because it’s not a PR sample. I purchased this box myself

  • Emma Renowden

    Yeah, even though I’m just repeating what others have said – I was super disappointed with my box. I got 2 phone cases, the fake lashes, 2 ugly glitter things and some cream. That’s it. 6 small things that probably add up to about £20. I even complained to them on Instagram and got a snarky response back – then they deleted all the comments! Not great…

    • Emma Renowden

      Just another note as well, I noticed that after people started complaining on instagram, they have turned off comments on all their posts. Not a great way to deal with unhappy people.

      • I noticed that yesterday.

        • Emma Renowden

          Oh well – hopefully they take all of this on board as a learning experience! Was such a great idea!

          • Let’s hope so as it does have the potential to be a great box. Mine July order got cancelled so it will interesting to see if they;ve incorporated any changes in light of all the comments

  • Emilia Kronegger

    I hated my girlcrush box. Waste of money. I got one long dress (terrible) one pair of shorts (just no) a bikini (again no) a phone case I will never use and a face cream which I threw away cos the packaging was weird n came off n the cream smelled well weird….no….just no.

  • Wai Yee Chan

    My June box just arrived today, (well Thursday but I was at work and missed the courier). For £20 it is good value so no complaints there, but the company is a bit naughty to send you a great varied selection box with so many high value items when everyone else gets around 6. Other subscription box companies don’t do this, I watch a lot of box openings, and it can lead to unrealistic expectations for your readers. Obviously not your fault but maybe you should comment that you want a box with the same criteria as everyone else. My box had 2 oils, 2 body scrubs, face cream and notebooks (apart from the cover, looks like the cheap exercise books I had as a child) which was not very varied but luckily I like discovering skincare products so I don’t mind. But would have liked a lifestyle product. Have signed up for July so hopefully fingers crossed.

    • Yes, unfortunately I didn’t know what was inside my box until I had received it neither did I see some customers content until later. I have taken up this issue with the brand so hopefully the July box will be a better representation

      • Wai Yee Chan

        Had another look at the website and they promise at least 5 items so in a way i can see they feel they fulfilled their end of the bargain. In all honesty, if everyone could have a box like yours, I don’t see how the company could ever sustain at £20 and free delivery for any length of time.

  • Jaq Cassidy

    You know, I looked at this and felt like i’d had a kick in the teeth with my box. I got FOUR items – although they insist I had six – one of which, a horrible cheap choker necklace, was broken – and a facial oil that smells old, in a box that was torn in two places. Their customer service is appalling. The first reply was dismissive, to say the least and I had to chase them for a second reply, whereupon they offered me a £5 refund. My box was in no way “personalised” either.

    I know you said you purchased this one yourself, but I imagine they would know your name from the previous box – they’ll be looking to see who stays after the first boxes – so they’re not going to send an influential blogger a crappy box.

    In no way am I saying this is your fault, far from it – I’m questioning the ethics of the company. I work in media and I’m almost tempted to order one to my work address to see if I get a better box!

  • Emma Sumpter

    Your box is fab, wish mine was half as good, 4ml serum, full size moogoo suncream, bronze choker too small, black bikini by femme x fatal way too small 8 not a 12 (is from China) and ideal of Sweden iPhone case, so for me two useable items

  • Wai Yee Chan

    Oh dear, now I’ve received an email to say my July box had been cancelled. 🙁

    • Me too 🙁

      • Wai Yee Chan

        Gosh, I didn’t expect that since you’ve helped to get the publicity out there. Not surprised the company was overwhelmed with orders.

        • I wasn’t expecting that at all! Oh well 🙁

      • w097045

        Not me yet. Double checked emails and nothing.

  • Sharon BB

    I hope mine isn’t cancelled. I reckon they cancelled the subscription service because they couldn’t get the goods to fill the orders. It would explain some of the poor quality boxes that some people got.

    However, they obviously have a set amount of boxes now as they sell out, so it’s a poor do that people are receiving cancellations.

  • Sheena

    Afraid I have to chime in with everyone else and log my feedback here in the hope being publicly posted gets more recognition because taking up the discrepancy with their customer service showed them to be rude and useless. Like many others, I subscribed to the box based on your review which was excellent and the money was taken from my account a full 6 weeks before I received anything. Apparently my box was damaged in transit so I was sent a new one – with a sinking feeling as I knew it meant I’d be sent remnants of stock. I received the candle same as you and the notebooks but they were the only lifestyle items – a tiny sachet of bath salts, tiny body scrub (I’m so tired of body scrubs), a weird moisturiser and a scalp and face oil (both of these are great) but I didn’t want another beauty box – it was the curated lifestyle selection that appealed.

    I do hope that you are able to pass some of this collective feedback to the company who are not listening to their dissatisfied customers, as your influence is strong enough to have inspired many sales. The media representations and people’s real experience of the product have such a curious disparity – why is that?

    • The owner is very aware of the comments I’ve received so I really hope they take them on board.

  • Maša Sojer

    I too ordered my june box and didn’t get a shipping notification so I contacted customer service and they said that my box was damaged during shipping so they sent a new one on 29th and gave me a 5 discount for the next box. I am not from the UK so i order the boxes to my sister’s address who lives in London and I didn’t check the contents of the box yet since I wanted to open it myself when she re-ships it to me but seing all the comments makes me want to haven the box opened to see how it is.
    I did order the july box but then i have to see the contents before i order the august one…

  • Sammie Louise

    I have to add that I received my box and was very disappointed, but the customer service was appalling; I was told if I wanted better variety of products I should have bought the £39 box? (Didn’t even know you could?)
    Annoyingly, I also subscribed to the stationary box which is even worse; the same notebooks, post-it’s, a sheet of stickers, a to do list and a paper rose?! £20? Awful.
    I actually feel so ripped off!! ?

    • Did you get the July box? I’ve not seen any of the contents yet but judging by your feedback it doesn’t appear to be good ?

      • Sammie Louise

        I think it was the June box really late; they said it got “damaged in transit” so would be two weeks late. Such bad experience and feel like I’ve just thrown money away!

      • Sammie Louise

        Also, just to make you aware, their website says it’s 5 items, not 8. When I queried it, they said you had to pay more to get more items?

        • BeautySecret

          It did used to say 6 to 8 products, then when everyone signed up. It went down to 5 products. Very sneaky.

    • Nicola Guy

      Totally agree. Got the stationary box today. It is so awful it is almost funny. No-one should deal with this organisation, they are taking the piss!

      • Sammie Louise

        It’s so bad isn’t it?

        • Nicola Guy

          So bad. Can’t believe how bad. So bad I’m planning to have a little bonfire with mine. Can’t bear to look at it, let alone use it for anything!

          • BeautySecret

            Oh wow. I’m not looking forward to receiving mine then. I’ve seen the contents on Instagram (they think what they received is ‘stunning’)

  • Zuzana

    I’ve ordered mine after I’ve seen your may box review, there was also a chance to get a hair curler (wasn’t the lucky one) that’s why I purchased the box, even if I’ve never heard of it before. I’ve been waiting for it for two months- was pretty gutted. Got an email saying my box was damaged and was gonna be delivered later. Also got a £5 discount. My BF opened the box for me while I wasn’t home the moment it was delivered and asked me- how much was that?? When I told him, he seriously couldn’t believe it. There was 6 products- one of them, absolutely unusable was a way too small swimwear. No idea what I’m gonna do with it. Then a couple of scrubs (okay), a face cream (looks good), the same candle& notebooks as yours. That’s it. I was looking forward to it sooooo much and I’m not gonna lie, I’m disappointed but I can see some girls’ boxes have been unfortunately much worse. I don’t think I will purchase it again unless they make al the boxes having the same value and at having least a similar look& amount of items. However your boxes were amazing, hope they will learn from their mistakes after getting so many customer complaints 🙂

  • Sharon BB

    My July box has been posted out today. I will let you know what I receive. I’m sort of looking forward to it but also fully aware I might get a sinking feeling when I open it as so many people have been disappointed. I would expect it’s a make or break month for them as many such as me gambled on the July box. I will add though that I was happy with my June box, I was expecting more but of the five items I got most of it was usable and worth the £20.

    • Fingers crossed for you Sharon.

      • Sharon BB

        Thanks 🙂

  • w097045

    July Box
    Optiat coffee scrub 90ml = £4.09
    Booze flavoured hand cream pina colada £3.95
    You dirty Scrub Face scrub and bath salts £2.33 + £1.50
    Bloomtown botanicals rose garden oil £5
    Polystyrene tulip
    Wellness planner Nikki Strange £7.00
    Total approx £24
    Well they say at least 5 items worth up to £150. So they met that. Problem is only things of interest for me add up to £11. 🙁 I really like the box though.

    • Sharon BB

      I got the same, but I also got a Serei pink silky bikini, tank top style. I went to the site and it’s still in store and priced at $82 US dollars. I haven’t tried it on yet so I don’t know if it fits or is suitable. I could use it as bedroom wear if not as a bikini. I know….TMI haha

      I’ll use everything in the box (bikini’s a maybe mind) and am happy with it. Nothing that blows me away but at least I can use everything this time. For me, it was worth the money.

      • w097045

        Wasn’t worth it for me. The moo cream alone I got last month was worth everything I got this month.

        • Sharon BB

          Yeah, most of the items where more expensive last month. There’re a bit hit and miss aren’t they? 🙂

  • Sharon BB

    Well Ive just heard that they are discontinuing this box. It’s a shame really because the concept was good. And although there have been many disgruntled customers, I actually liked the couple of boxes I received.

    • Oh wow! Not surprised at all to be honest. Such a shame

    • w097045

      Shame, I liked the idea of supporting smaller brands.