Pink Parcel Review – November 2017

*Pink Parcel – November 2017
Price of the Box per month: £12.99 including free postage

Okay so last month I just wasn’t feeling what Pink Parcel picked out for us but November’s package is definitely a huge improvement and is centred around party prep and also includes the basics too such as period supplies! Covering a good ground on the beauty front, this edition does exactly what it intends to but most of all I love that there’s some new brands/products to explore. In other news, Pink Parcel have increased their subscription price to £12.99 for new subscribers however those with a rolling subscription will continue to be charged £10.50. 

If you’re new to Pink Parcel it’s a subscription service for your monthly cycle who send you what you need, right when you need it as well as some lovely treats to brighten up those days of the month. With three dispatch dates to choose from, Pink Parcel literally take care of everything and will ship your box before your period is due. If you’re worried about flows and absorbencies, they have that covered too as you can choose your preferred brand as well as the type of sanitary items to suit your flow making it completely bespoke to your needs.

Without further ado here’s what you can expect to see inside this month’s Pink Parcel:

Up first and the product that probably intrigued me the most was the clinically packaged Swiss Clinic Cleansing Spray (Full Size RRP £11.00), an antibacterial spray that has been designed to disinfect beauty tools and contains both Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and has a refreshing lemon fragrance. It is safe to use, antiseptic and has been developed to have a pH value that is similar to that of the skin. I’m not too sure I would spend that amount on such a tiny spray but nonetheless it’s such a handy and generous addition amongst the line-up and isn’t something I’ve ever considered using until now!

Sticking to the theme up next we have the Beautaniq Beauty Radiant Glow Face Mask (RRP £4.44) which promises to get you glowing and looking youthful! The mask is packed full of vitamin C and antioxidants which promote skin cell regeneration and natural collagen production.

Talking of glowing skin you can also expect to see the Beauty Crop Glamazon Stick (Full size RRP £9.00) and it’s such a beautiful golden hue. I do love a multi-purpose products and the Glamazon Stick is just that.  This smooth crayon adds brightness wherever you choose – eyes or cheeks!  It’s a convenient size and perfect for travel so you don’t have to pack an additional brush for highlighting. I really like that it’s in a crayon form as powder just goes everywhere sometimes so this is definitely more fool-proof plus it gives me that little more control!

Next up on the make front we have the oldie but goodie Lipcote Lipstick Sealer (Full size £3.99) and it’s something I’ve been using since high school although probably not so much now as lipstick formulas have improved on the longevity front a hell of a lot but sometimes I use this just to give my lipstick that extra staying power.

The last product out of the box is the Nail HQ All in One Oil (Full size RRP £6.95) and it’s another very welcomed addition as my nails aren’t in the greatest condition – they really need a break from nail varnish! This multi solution product with Argan Oil & replenishing mineral complex helps to provide the moisture balance necessary to have flexible nails and prevent brittleness & breakage. The formula also contains a unique mineral complex designed to help moisturise, condition & strengthen the nails. 

Tea and Sweet Treats – 2 items

As well as the beauty and lifestyle line up you can also expect to see a sample of tea and foodie treats – the perfect mix to satisfy those cravings and as always they sure do hit the spot but always disappear so quickly!

Inside this month’s curation you can expect to see a pack of Cocoba Truffles and a sample of Cuppanut Coconut, Ginger and Turmeric Tea which is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory  properties to ensure you won’t be sporting a runny nose or puffy tea during the party season. 

My Verdict

I think this month’s Pink Parcel was definitely a huge improvement in comparison to their October edit and in terms of the theme everything gelled together really nicely and excitingly there was also lots of new discoveries to play with which in turn made the unboxing that much more enjoyable. I am perhaps the most excited to try out the Swiss Clinic Cleansing Spray, the nail treatment and of course the highlighting crayon but overall I think this was a very successful interpretation of a pre-party theme and ranks high when it comes to my favourite line-ups from them. Did I mention that the everything is also full sized too – it’s a great value package this month!

If you haven’t got on the Pink Parcel train yet then it’s definitely a subscription I highly recommend and the thrill of the surprise will not fail to make you look forward to that time of the month!

Here’s a little peek inside the December Pink Parcel:

*PR Sample