Natural Beauty Box Review – November 2017

*The Natural Beauty Box – November 2017
Price of the Box per month: Subscriptions start from £23.00

Just in time for Winter, I have a brand new unboxing today for you all and it’s the November edition of The Natural Beauty Box that launched earlier this year. As the name suggests not only do they promote natural products but they also emphasise on cruelty-free and vegan beauty products from UK brands. This month’s theme is centred around Hygge and they’ve done such an amazing job as the line-up is a complete pampering kit filled with skin-loving and beautifying potions plus another bonus is it mainly contains brands and products I’ve not tried before so already we’re off to a good start!  

If you’re new to The Natural Beauty Box they promise to deliver 5-6 amazing beauty products tailored around a monthly theme and subscriptions start from £23.00 plus free shipping per month depending on the package you opt for and 50p from each box is also donated to charity. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what was nestled inside their November edition

Up first and to kick start those Hygge vibes we have the Made by Coopers Vanilla Rose Bath Salts (Travel size £5.00), a nourishing bath salt blend with vanilla and ylang ylang essential oils to nourish the skin and help you relax and unwind. I love anything rose scented so this will definitely get used up.

Moving onto skin care the Mono Naturoils Rose & Cucumber Cleansing Oil & Cloth (RRP £24) is by far my favourite product out of the box – I was particularly drawn by the ingredient list as both rose and cucumber spells out soothing and refreshing to me! Described as a non-greasy, gentle but powerful daily cleansing oil for all skin types this deeply cleanses the pores, dissolves excess oil, and effectively removes impurities, environmental pollutants and makeup without stripping the skin of its natural oils and also soothes and balances the skin , detoxifies and highly moisturises. This really is a true treat for the skin and the beautiful scent makes that cleansing ritual more of a pleasure rather than a chore! It also does an amazing job at removing makeup (even more stubborn waterproof makeup) and left my skin feeling super clean and hydrated without that oily feel – new favourite cleanser right here! The Natural Beauty Box have also included a couple of samples from the brand too. 

Up next and another item that my skin will most definitely benefit from is the Guiltless Skin Clarity Organic Face Oil (RRP £28.00) and it’s a very generous full size. This 100% organic virgin cold-pressed organic oil is made from prickly pear, moringa, nigella sativa, and camellia oleifera plants and combined together works to prevent breakouts, soothes redness and revitalises the skin. This is uniquely suited to acne and blemish-prone skin and benefits from an anti-inflammatory and non-irritating formulation that won’t clog pores and also contains oils with antimicrobial qualities, keeping skin clear of impurities and pollutants.

So once you’ve had a relaxing bath and completed all of your night time skin care rituals it’s time for that all important beauty sleep and I think you’ll agree it’s absolutely genius what The Natural Beauty Box have done here, I told you it was a complete pampering kit from start to finish! To get you in a more relaxed setting, the Made by Coopers Calm Atmosphere Mist (Travel Size £6.00) is a calming blend of five essential oils is designed to relax the mind and body contains an infusion of Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary and Frankincense. I really like the idea behind these sprays as the ones currently in my possession are for spraying directly onto pillows and linen so this was a nice alternative plus they’ve got a good selection of scents to match all occasions and moods!

While the mist alone does a great job, adding in the Spacemask (RRP £3.00) really completes the whole relaxation experience and is something that really helps when you just want to switch off. This genius invention warms and alleviates strain on your eyes which in turn aids in calming you down and relaxing your mind from long days of work, excessive screen staring, stress and headaches. The mask gently heats up and lasts around 15 minutes and definitely helps me to relax and drift off into sleep!

My Verdict

I’m pleased to report that my first ever experience with The Natural Beauty Box turned out to be a huge success!  There’s so much to love about this month’s hygge themed edit, it fits in with the season due to the addition of the hydrating, winter-ready products and together it makes such a fun and beneficial little pampering kit from start to finish. Line-up wise,  I really enjoyed the mix of products but most of all it was really refreshing to see brands and products that I hadn’t tried before plus it was also a nice change to actually receive skin care suitable for my skin type so that was certainly an added bonus! Another aspect which stood out for me was all the products were of excellent quality and the sizes were generous all-round and totalled up to a respectable value of around £66.00. Stand-outs so far for me include the Mono Rose and Cucumber Cleaner (I’m in love with the scent and the fact it cuts my cleansing routine in half), the Made by Coopers Atmosphere Mist (this stuff smells so soothing!) and I’m always happy to see Spacemasks! 

If you’re looking to expand your love of subscription boxes, you will simply love The Natural Beauty Box.

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    Lovely review. Thank you so much. Glad you found some products that you loved too 😉 xxx

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    Shame November boxes have sold out 🙁

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