Look Fantastic Beauty Box Review – December 2017

*December Look Fantastic Beauty Box
Price of the Box: Subscriptions start from £13.00 per month including P&P
No. of Products in the Box – 6
Worth over £62.00

When Look Fantastic revealed their Beauty in Wonderland theme for December I’m not going to lie but I had really high hopes as the campaign alone just looks so, so pretty – you just to need to take one look at the advent calendar to really appreciate the beauty of the design plus last month’s box was pretty awesome too so the bar was set super high! In terms of the line-up it’s a little skin care heavy for my liking but what makes me even more sad is that there’s nothing that really wows me or particularly stands out apart from the bath bomb and the exfoliator! Not a great end to the year but on a positive note there is quite a few newbies on board in the form of brands/products I’ve not come across before and you can also expect to see the latest copy of Elle Magazine. 

The Look Fantastic box offers a selection of handpicked, must have beauty fixes wrapped in a beautifully presented box and delivered straight to your door. The beauty box will always include a minimum of six products and offers a selection of skin care, hair care, cosmetics and body products, catering for every beauty lover.

This month’s box showcases products from Figs and Rouge, Bubble T, Gatineau, Polaar, Suki and MDMFlow.

Here’s what I received inside my December Box: 

Up first and my favourite product out of the box by far is the Bubble T Limited Edition Beauty in Wonderland Bath Fizzer (RRP £4.99) and judging by the description it’s been exclusively created for this month’s edit which makes it extra special. Packaged to match the Beauty in Wonderland theme, this bath bomb contains a unique blend of blueberry and grape infusions, delivering nourishment and hydration to all skin types.

The MDMFlow Matte Lipstick (Full size £15.00) in the shade Bossy is without a doubt is a generous inclusion and would have been another firm favourite but it’s something I’ve received previously. Formula-wise, their semi-matte lipsticks are the perfect in-between formula as they create the look of a matte lip but at the same time also keep your lips hydrated thanks to the silky texture. The shade does lean more towards a warm toned nude which surprisingly doesn’t look bad at all against my pale skin but think I would have preferred something more festive.

Moving onto skincare there’s a couple of variations from Gatineau and I received the Melatogenine AOX Probiotics Youth Activating Beauty Serum (Sample Size 5ml). Described as a light refreshing pale pink emulsion, the serum is a pure infusion of longevity that diminishes lines and wrinkles, smooth’s and rejuvenates the face and improves radiance and luminosity. It’s ideal for skin which is beginning to show fine lines and wrinkles.

Sticking to skincare we have the Figs and Rouge Hydra Activ Smart Nutient Day Cream (Travel size 20ml), a replenishing day cream complex that delivers instant and long last hydration to leave skin smooth & radiant. It’s formulated with moisturising ‘Smart Nutrient’ Technology and Nourishing Vitamin Complex A, C, E. + Phase System: 3 Hydrate.

Up next is the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser (Sample size 7.5ml) and is just one of the two products that caught my attention this month. This hardworking cleanser does a hell of a lot such as enhancing clarity, unclogs pores, reduces dullness, exfoliates dead cells, smoothes dryness, lines & wrinkles and reveals fresh, new skin. It’s scented with lemongrass and smells really refreshing.

Lastly and to weather-proof our hands is the Polaar Hand Cream (Travel Size 25ml), an ancestral formulation developed by the women of Lapland which is highly concentrated in arctic berries extract. It preserves the beauty and smoothness of your hands and benefits from a light and discreet fragrance wrapped in comfort within an invisible and protective “glove”.

My Verdict

You can probably tell from my review that I just wasn’t very much in love or excited by any of the samples that I received this month which of course could be due to the fact that they set the bar high last month but personally I think they should have saved that particular edit for December. While the design of the box matched the theme I felt that the same quality just wasn’t passed down to the contents and it was a little too skin care heavy for my liking but on a positive note it was nice to see some newbies on board in the form of new brands and products I’ve not come across before. Favourites so far include the bath bomb and the exfoliator but other than that I’ve got to admit this is probably my least favourite offering from them in a hell of a long time which happens from time to time as not every month can be a winner but taking into account it’s December the line-up just lacked that sparkle.    

The November Look Fantastic Beauty Box is available now via  www.lookfantastic.com

If you fancy subscribing their pre-paid plans (3,6 and 12 months) are currently on offer. 

*PR Sample

  • Cadolyne Plum

    I agree with you this month. It wasn’t very festive really, just meh…..

  • Hmm. I finally resubscribed after more than a year and I cannot say that I am overly pleased either. It is not the worst box I have seen, but I get your points. The one thing that could have saved would have been the lipstick, but just like you, I already have that specific colour and as much as I love it, I did not need a new one.

  • Natasha

    I was really disappointed and annoyed with this months Look Fantastic box. TBH it is the worst box I have ever received from them and certainly NOT Christmassy or party season ready. It was almost like no thought had been put into it and they just put all the tatt they had left into the box. I hate nude lipsticks but this one was the worst I have ever seen and a bath bomb again from them!!! I only shower as I have epilepsy so it is too dangerous for me to have a bath so that is useless. I would have thought there would be a party/Christmas theme and be maybe a face mask, something glittery (maybe nail polish, eye shadow etc), maybe a brighter lip product (like a red, orangey red etc), maybe a mini candle and things to make you feel and look good for Christmas? Also some of the items in the box we have had before. They have had great boxes for Christmas in the past along with other beauty boxes for Christmas they seem to pull out all the stops to make you smile. This months box just made me think I had wasted my money this month. TBH on LF’s site a lot of people are not happy or impressed with this months box either. I just hope LF take on board all the annoyed people this month and pull out all the stops for January’s box x

  • Completely agree, I was totally underwhelmed this month. There were some nice products but the moisturiser and lipstick I already had and my place isn’t big enough for a bath so I can’t use the bath bomb. The cleanser and serum was nice but the scent is really putting me off the hand cream.

    I also agree that it wasn’t festive enough. They went all out with the actual theme (love the box art) but then forget to apply that theme to the products as well. The only item that seemed christmassy was the hand cream. Normally I don’t think this problem would have bothered me but LF put so much thought into themed boxes that they’ve really set a high bar for themselves.

  • Mandy Yates

    Agreed, the nude lipstick went straight in the bin, I am so frustrated with beauty boxes that think we all want nude lipsticks, especially at Christmas and New Year, who wants that! Bath bomb, I only shower these days, much better for winter skin, so that is a waste of time. I do like a good moisturiser so I am happy to try those and the scrub is quite nice too.

  • joanna elgarf

    Wish I had got this box. I ordered late as had been away. I paid full price. I got a plain black box, no magazine, no voucher and just 5 products out of the calendar (not the good bits). Nothing new to try. Gutted. I have complained several times but they don’t respond except to ask for pics. Be very careful ordering after the 1st. I won’t again.