Roccabox Review – January 2018

 *Roccabox – January 2018 
Monthly subscription is £10.00 Plus £3.95 P&P
No. of Products in the Box – 5 items

A little late to the party but today’s blog post features my January Roccabox review and this month they’ve teamed up with the lovely Penny who blogs at The Style Lane. The aptly themed ‘Glow Getter’ edition contains some handy additions to get your glow on and some of the bits ended up being quite beneficial for me as my skin is looking rather dull at the moment plus I’m liking that the majority of the products are completely new on my radar.

If you’re new to Roccabox then they enlist the help of a beauty blogger to put their favourite picks forward inside each edition which is pretty unique and isn’t something that’s been done before. If you’re interested in signing up don’t forget to use my exclusive 10% off code at the end of this post!

Here’s what they featured inside their January edition: 

Up first we have Face Inc by Nails Inc Rose Glow Youth Boosting Peel Off Mask (x1 RRP £5.00) and out of the five products I think this was the most exciting addition for me amongst the contents as I’ve been wanting to explore more from their new skin care collection (the beauty of beauty boxes!). This rose gold hued (eeek!) mask promises to unveil smooth, revitalised skin and harnesses a powerhouse blend of moisture-boosting actives, vitamins and minerals. The unique, gel-like formula adheres to skin perfectly with a satisfying peel-away texture, helping stimulate natural elasticity levels and smooth the appearance of wrinkles for an anti-ageing effect. Suitable for use on the hands, face and body, the single use treatment leaves skin feeling sumptuously soft and smooth with a renewed radiance and vitality.

I’m not a fan of coffee scrubs but I completely get why the Optiat Hungover Coffee Scrub (sample size 10g) was included! Containing a blend of used Arabica coffee grounds and peppermint essential oils, the potent peppermint promises to perk up your mood after a night on the town. The coffee grounds act as a natural exfoliator, whilst the caffeine stimulates blood flow, effective against cellulite and stretch marks   If I’m honest I’m kind of relieved that Roccabox only included a sachet sample of this but for those who do love these types of scrubs will find this sachet very disappointing. I think they should have slipped this in as an extra treat this month.

Moving onto make-up and sticking to the theme we have Make Me Shimmer Highlighter Pencil by Saturated Colour (Full size RRP £6.00), a subtle yet beautiful highlighting pencil packed with gold shimmer. It also has a multitude of uses such as adding sparkle to your cupids bow, as a highlighter under your brows or you can swipe it over your lipstick for a frosted finish. 

Next up is the Akar Skin Ruby Tint Lip Butter (sample size 2ml), a brand that’s completely new on my radar! On days that I don’t wear full makeup, the one thing that I can’t go without is lip balm and this lip butter benefits from being tinted too!  Ruby tint lip butter is formulated with soothing and nutrient-rich ingredients and the colour is derived from alkanet root. It goes on creamy, has a sheer hue and smells lovely but on the downside it’s another teeny sample!

Lastly and my least favourite out of the box due to the shade is the Lord & Berry Seta Premiere Eyeshadow (Full size RRP £12.00) – it’s a very bright orange and I would have preferred something a little more wearable!

My Verdict

So there you have it, this month’s Roccabox! In terms of the theme, I think they pulled it off really well and I love that there was some new discoveries to explore this month but it was a little disappointing that these some of these same discoveries were a little on smaller side this month in comparison to the deluxe sizes I’m used to seeing inside their boxes plus the sample sachet should have really been thrown in as an extra treat in my opinion. Nonetheless there’s a few products I’ll be able to make use out of – I’m particularly looking forward to trying out the face mask as it one of my favourite things to do on the weekend.

Do you subscribe to Roccabox? I’d love to know your thoughts on this month’s edit


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