Price of the Box is £15.00 including P&P
No. of Products in the Box – 6
Worth over £71.48

 I’ve kick started the month with the March Look Fantastic Beauty Box and as per every month it’s a box which I can’t wait to get my hands on and one which I have complete confidence in.There’s many reasons why this box stands out for me but the main reason being is that I know there will be something inside which I will simply fall in love with.  Since launching only last September, this box has been a big hit with beauty lovers and addicts alike and this month’s box is definitely one of my favourite editions as it showcases a great variety of products from innovative skincare ,a couple of make up treats and a detangling brush too.  There’s so many new wonderful discoveries and the sizes of the products are really generous too with three out of the six being full-size and not forgetting that this month’s box is worth an incredible £71.48, now that’s impressive!

 Look Fantastic have taken the plunge and bring you their very own monthly beauty box.  Known for providing all things beauty from A-Z via their website if anyone could successfully pull this off it’s certainly them being experts in this trade already. With  over 14,000 products online from more than 400 brands across hair, make up, skin care, nails, electrical, fragrance, health , home and organic it was inevitable that this beauty box was going to deliver and be a hit as soon as it landed. It really isn’t a surprise that these continually sell out when launched.

The box offers a selection of handpicked, must have beauty fixes wrapped in a beautifully presented box and delivered straight to your door. The beauty box will always include a minimum of six products and offers a selection of skincare, haircare, cosmetic and body products, catering to every kind of beauty lover.

This month’s box is filled with an incredible 6 beauty treats which have been carefully selected and showcases well known and premium brands along with a few new discoveries too. The box features products from Bliss, Cowshed, Caudalie, Lord & Berry, NUDESTIX and Wet Brush.

1.  Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Antiwrinkle Defense Serum – Sample Size 10ml worth £11.66. Full Size 30ml RRP £35.00

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum  is a concentrated antioxidant serum that promises to visibly reduce existing wrinkles and prevent new wrinkles from forming. This serum also defends against free radicals caused by UV rays and pollution, as well as hydrating and plumping the skin.

The serum comes packaged in a green, glass jar with a dropper dispenser and the formula is nearly opaque with a fairly light-weight consistency. This also comes fragranced in a very floral but pleasant scent, so if you’re sensitive to perfumed products, you may want to sit this one out. I’m not quite there with the anti-ageing regime but it was great to see the likes of Caudalie showcased within the box.

2.    Bliss Fatgirlslim  –  Deluxe Size 2oz Worth £9.83. Full Size 6oz RRP  £29.50

The Bliss Fat Girl Slim utilises a unique delivery system called QuSome, encapsulated caffeine molecules that target problem areas. The caffeine stimulates the skin surface and also claims to rejuvenate as well as firming to visibly reducing the dimpling effect.  The company also makes it very clear that this is not a fat or weight loss product.

I’m all for innovative products but when it comes to body-shaping treatments in the form of lotions I’m as skeptical as it gets. I only believe in old-fashioned cures like: regular exercise, eating healthy, drinking a lot of water and cutting down on bad eating habits however I’ve read really good reviews on this firming cream and seen their result statistics and it has somewhat swayed my opinion. The sample also comes in a generous size enabling a good opportunity to really trial the formula.

3.   Cowshed Lippy Cow Natural Lip Balm  –  Full Size 5ml. RRP £5.00

Cowshed is one of those brands which I think everyone has heard of due to their quirky product names and I’m always happy to receive something new from their collection to try out.
The Lippy Cow lip balm is full of natural ingredients including essential oils, rose geranium  and ylang ylang promising to soften the lips leaving them supple. The balm is quite thick with a subtle citrus fragrance that soon disappears. The key ingredient’s not only revive dry lips but also help to calm and soothe, great for winter chapped lips. I really like the non-sticky formula and it’s not too heavy and simply just sinks into the skin whilst still retaining the moisture.

4.   NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Color – Full Size RRP £24.00

It was only recently that Look Fantastic added this fairly new brand to their portfolio and I think it was pretty nice of them to include something from the NUDESTIX collection to make the introduction to us too.

The NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye crayon highlights, colours, lines, primes and is also waterproof and crease proof making it great for all eyelids, even those that are oily.

I’m a big fan of shadow sticks, they’re time saving and only require a few swipes with some blending and you’re done. My only problem has been finding one that that has staying power and doesn’t crease.

I received the shade Gilt which is a warm golden beige shade and I can see this suiting all skin tones although there could be different shade variants this month. I adore the colour which has a subtle hint of shimmer with stunning depth. It’s a very natural shade making it perfect for both day and night wear. The creamy formula glides onto the lid without dragging the skin and it literally takes a little blending with your fingers to achieve the perfect finish. I left this on for only a couple of hours but in that time I was impressed that the shadow was still in tact.

5.   Lord & Berry Line/Shade Eye Pencil and Liner – Travel Size. Full Size RRP £9.00

Being a self-confessed black eyeliner addict, I was happy to see an eye liner from Lord & Berry. I already own the smudgeproof liner and was hoping this one would deliver the same quality and results.

The Lord and Berry Line/Shade eye pencil is formulated from a special mix of kajal and kohl to give a rich and consistent colour that will make your eyes pop. The pencil claims to blendable, long-lasting, waterproof and comfortable making it suitable for even the most sensitive of eyes. This multi-purpose pencil can be used to create a sharp line or a smudged, smokey effect.

This liner is super creamy and resistant enough to not end up everywhere by the end of the evening if you’re using it as a liner! It has an intense black pigment and I love that it also has the option of being smudged out if you want to create a smokey eye look.

6.   Wet Brush – Full Size RRP £7.99

It was nice to see a beauty tool addition within this month’s box and it’s the first that has been included since they launched last year so I was pretty delighted to see the appearance.

The innovative Wet Brush is a lightweight and easy to wield that separates all knots and tats without compromising precious strands. This is due to the revolutionary ‘Intelliflex’ technology; the thin, strong yet super flexible bristles. The ball-tip bristles can also be used for gently stimulating circulation near the scalp too! It’s suitable for all hair types, all ages and can be used on wet and dry hair.

For me personally this brush is definitely a showstopper within the box mainly because it works extremely well with my Cinderella hair extensions. Since I remember I’ve only used the tangle teezer mainly because it gently bypasses the bonds but the Wet Brush is a complete game changer for me. Not only does it detangle, the flexibility of the bristles lightly sweeps through the hair and the bonds without any pulling and actually feels like my hair has been brushed. I think it’s pretty clever that the brush is coated in rubber to prevent it from slipping out of your hand which is essential when using on wet hair especially the amount of times my brush has gone flying! I’ve not used this on wet hair as of yet but have high hopes that it will work just as well if not better.

My Verdict

 Look Fantastic have showcased another great box and I think there’s a lot to love this month.  Not only does it feature a mixture of well-known brands and new discoveries but it also covers a good area of beauty with very generous sized samples and full-sized products. The box includes six items this month and boasts an incredible value of £71.40 which is pretty amazing.  I like that the box wasn’t overly dominated by skincare, it has the perfect balance and is something which Look Fantastic always get right each month. I’m thrilled with the make-up bits they’ve been including recently too, after all you can never have enough! It was also great to receive the Wet Brush this month and would love to see the inclusion of more beauty tools in future boxes.

This box never fails to impress me and it certainly gives you an opportunity to try more upmarket beauty brands without the hefty price tag. In my opinion the quality, the presentation and the product selection throughout their boxes remains to be consistently great and focuses mainly on medium and high end brands. The samples sizes are very good sized too and are ideal to accompany you on short breaks and weekends away.

 It’s certainly a nice monthly treat to receive through your letter box and Look Fantastic certainly know the concept of a beauty box and are a company who get it right each month.

For only £15.00 it’s a great way to trial beauty products from brands we love and know along with some new discoveries too.

The March box is available now and as a special treat, Look Fantastic have added the ‘ghd Gold Series Styler’, worth £125.00, to 30 random boxes. Will you be one of the lucky ones?

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