#GirlCrush Box Review – May 2017

#GirlCrush Subscription – May 2017
Price of the Box: £20.00 plus free postage
No of Products: 8
visit https://www.hashtaggirlcrush.com/pages/main

There’s a boatload of subscriptions on the market and certainly a hell of a lot more choice since I first discovered them so it’s hard to get really excited about new launches nowadays as they all seem to do the same thing but excitingly I randomly stumbled across #GirlCrush on Instagram who are fairly new to the subscription industry and they’ve come up with something fresh and inviting covering both beauty, fashion and lifestyle treats and wait for it…it’s championed by girl bosses from all around the world! Putting beautiful and innovative brands created by women in the spotlight you can expect to see some well-known and many undiscovered brands which is really positive as I think it’s a great way to recognise the amazing work they all do plus if you love discovering new finds then this box not only is a true treat with some of the items customised to your preferences but it’s also fantastic value for money too…I can’t believe how much they cram in for only £20.00 a month – it’s a complete steal!

#GirlCrush Box contains carefully curated luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and you’ll also get to know the inspiring women behind the products, hence the name #GirlCrush – the aim is to have you crushing on both the products you receive and the girlies they were created by. Each month you can expect 8 high quality products sometimes worth up to £150! Every month they also donate 10% of their box sales profits to a women’s charity. 

The contents arrived inside a bag as opposed to a box and I really enjoyed rummaging through all the contents I honestly felt like a kid at Christmas! Also the company has offered my readers a pretty awesome discount code which you’ll find at the end of this post but it’s limited to the first 20 people who subscribe so you’ll need to be quick! 

Without further ramblings from me, here’s a very quick overview of what I received inside the May Edit:

  • Brush Perfect Set – RRP £30.00
    A  beautiful set of of four good quality make-up brushes.


  • amaki Rose Water Hydrating Mist Toner – Full size RRP $19.99 (£15.46)
    A daily hydrating mist, Amaki Rose Water features the relaxing scent of rose while restoring and hydrating the skin and enhancing the complexion. It’s also boasts an all-natural formuka that doesn’t contain alcohol, sulfates, dyes, or parabens, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


  •  Elle Louise Decorative Chain and Orb Ring – RRP £27.99
    Featuring a thin simple ring with a strand of our decorative ball chain attached at either end of the opening. This ring can be worn two different ways, with the chain wrapped around the finger for a layered look or left loose to hang over the fingers. The Orb Ring features a thin band and small ball attached to each end which you can wear yours singularly or stacked. 


  • Erin compliment cards $5.00 (£3.87)
    A simple way to make someone’s day! Surprise someone with an unexpected compliment that will spread joy and hopefully inspire others to do the same


  • Delphine Third Degree Top – RRP £60.00
    An Australian brand that create elegant armour for confident, creative, ambitious women, equipping you with a lifestyle range for everyday occasions. 


  • Bling Jewellery AYLLU Come Together Studs – RRP $48.28 (£35.00)
    925 Sterling Silver Electrocoat Studs


  • Invisii Performance Underwear Set – Worth £13.33
    A brand that create an underwear collection of styles and colors and use the finest fabrics and latest construction techniques to make your next workout the best one yet! The pack includes a white bikini  brief and a nude thong. 


  • fittea Bamboo Thermo Bottle – RRP €34.90 (£29.65)
    This Thermo Bottle (380 ml) consists of high quality bamboo and keeps your tea hot for up to six hours with an integrated tea strainer.

My Verdict

With so many beauty and lifestyle subscription boxes floating around, I’m delighted to have discovered the #girlcrush subscription, a fairly new box on the block whose mission is to fill our stash with beauty, lifestyle and fashion treats sourced from girl bosses and I’m pleased to report that my first ever introduction has certainly been a very positive one which in turn means I’ll be subscribing to their June edition! I think you’ll agree the selection and the amount of products on board is impeccable, fantastic value for money and the contents are very well-balanced to satisfy any beauty, fashion, and lifestyle cravings of the subscriber. For an unbelievable £20.00 a month, this edition came jam packed and admittedly I really enjoyed rummaging through the bag to find all the treats, I felt like a kid at Christmas but most of all this subscription put that fun and excitement back into a concept that’s become very saturated and samey so it was really refreshing to be introduced to a host of new brands and products. Overall, there’s so much to love about #girlcrush and other than the top which wasn’t my kind of style I think I’ll definitely be able to make use out of the remainder. One thing I’d like to mention is I’ve seen bloggers and subscribers receive different contents for this month’s edition which look equally just as good but please do bear that in mind if you do chose to press that subscribe button. There’s was no information card either so I’d love to see one inside next month’s edition as I struggled finding some of the items online! If you love receiving beauty and lifestyle surprises in the post then I highly recommend checking out #girlcrush – for only £20.00 you really can’t go wrong! 

For more information or to subscribe please visit https://www.hashtaggirlcrush.com/pages/main – your first box will be their June edit. 

If you subscribed don’t forget to complete your profile via https://hashtagboxed.typeform.com/to/AgSUvL

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  • NatCBenton

    Omg omg omg girl! ?Definitely getting this once payday comes around!!!!! 5 days and counting ??

    • I can’t believe how much they feature for just £20.00!!

  • Emma Waines

    This looks fab? Can I ask how you know if you have been lucky enough to be one of the first 20 subscribers? I have subscribed and used the code but have no idea if I have been lucky enough to be one? The box is AMAZING!

    • Hi Emma. I’m going to get the brand to send me over a list of names of the first 20 subscribers who used the code. I’ll come back to you later on today

      • Courtney

        oooo yes please I’d love to know if I was lucky enough to get one xx

        • Hi Courtney. Can you confirm the initial of your surname please so I can check the list please 🙂

          • Courtney

            Hi my surname is granger x

          • You are one of the 20 🙂

          • Courtney


          • Cheryl Gannon

            Can you check if I’m on the list too? Cheryl Gannon

          • Hi Cheryl. You were one of the 20 first subscribers so you’ll recieve the 3 in 1 styler with your June box 🙂

          • Elli Newton

            Hi can you check me should be under Laura Newton thanks 🙂

          • Hi Laura. Unfortunately you wasn’t one of the 20 first subscribers.

          • Nicola Pragnell

            Can yo check mine please?

          • Hi Nicola. Unfortunately you wasn’t one of the 20 first subscribers.

      • Emma Waines

        Ace ?Xx

        • Hi Emma. You were one of the 20 first subscribers so you’ll recieve the 3 in 1 styler with your June box 🙂

  • Fringe

    Hi. I see the underwear is size 8, do they ask your size when subscribing?

  • Elli Newton

    I signed up this box looks so refreshing! Hope I am one of the first 20 eeekk!

  • w097045

    THank you, subscribed, looks a bit more of a grown up version of MLB which I’m getting bored with. 5-6 weeks until my first box though 🙁

  • Kristīne Sopa

    Ohhhhh? what is the code, please?

    • Sorry, all 20 codes have now been redeemed 🙁

      • Kristīne Sopa

        Awwwww, what a pitty ?

        • They went pretty quick!

  • s turnbull

    Looking forward to receiving my box.Love trying new ones.

  • I signed up last month and I’ve been brimming with excitement ever since, but I never dreamed it’d be this good. Not sure about the undies though. The rest of it looks amazingggg. Cannot wait now! Thanks for the lovely post, great photos as always. 😀

    • Thank you so much. It sure is fabulous, I just hope my next box is just as good! Hope yours arrives soon

  • Sharon BB

    wow this looks great, I subscribed this morning. Can you check if I’m on the winners please. My name is s blackburn thanks 🙂

    • Hi Sharon. You were one of the 20 first subscribers 🙂

      • Sharon BB

        Woohoo thanks so much for the code, great start to my weekend. 🙂

  • Debbie A

    Hi could you check if I was one of the first 20 please?

    • Hi Debbie. What’s your surname?

      • Debbie A

        It is Arneil

  • Ish

    I ordered the box yesterday morning and used the code. Would you please check if I was one of the first 20. My name is Ishrt Raouf.

    • Hi Ishrt. You were one of the 20 first subscribers 🙂

      • Ish

        Oooohhh super excited! Thank you ?

  • Hattie Warner

    I ordered the box yesterday and used the code. I was wondering if I was one of the first 20 subscribers.

  • Emilia Kronegger

    Hi…super excited about this box….could you please check if I was one of the first 20? I ordered mine on May 5th in the morning just after I saw your review…My full name is Emilia Kronegger.

  • Darija Paberzyte

    Hello, will everyone receive the same content as you this month? I’m in love with ALL these items. And want every single of them!

    • Darija Paberzyte

      Also, would it be the exact same box when they ship it on the 15th of May? Or is it April box?

    • The contents do differ from what I’ve seen from other subscribers. Your first box will be June’s

  • Nicki

    Is there any way of finding out whether you were one of the first subscribers? I have no idea if the code went through when I signed up last week!

    • Hi Nicki. What’s your surname?

      • Nicki

        Hi Jaina 🙂 It’s Hall. X

        • Hi Nicki. Congratulations you are on the list x

          • Nicki

            Omg! Fantastic! Thank you 🙂 x

    • Elysia Green

      Hi same here please?

  • Elysia Green

    Hi Janina, was I on the list please? Thank you

  • Elysia Green

    I mean Jaina. Sorry my phone changed it! Grr

  • LJ

    Bought this box specifically because of this post on 5th May, they charged my card and I knew I would have to wait till 15th June for dispatch. I have heard nothing, had no emails. Checked their website and my account has been deleted along with my order number. I think this box was definitely too good to be true. Be very wary of this company.

    • Have you contacted them?

      • LJ

        Hi Jaina!

        I thought I’d give it a few days to see if anything happened. The next day I got an automatic shipping update and just received the box this morning. It was literally just a plain brown cardboard box (and a bit battered). There were 6 items inside, a white dress (which looks like something off little house on the prairie), a black bikini, a white skirt, some pink lace knickers, false eyelashes and 1 make up brush.

        The website is still saying my account and order doesn’t exist and I’ve had no email back from them regarding that issue.

        I’m not blaming this on you or anything, I read this blog religiously, I just wanted to let others know. I’ve seen so many amazing posts about this box and I was seriously looking forward to it, even though I had to wait 7 weeks from the order date. So I was quite disappointed when it finally arrived. Oh, well, I guess I’ll just try a different company 🙂

        • Oh no I’m so sorry to hear that. Having seen quite a few June boxes the line-ups are all very different which in my opinion let’s this box down although I am yet to see anyone apart from you who’s received so many clothing items which is odd. I would raise these concerns to the company.

          • LJ

            If I was trapped in a subscription I probably would but seeing as how each month is a one off, I’m just going to buy a box from elsewhere. I was hoping for a bit more variety, like some stationary and home ware, like I’ve seen in most boxes but I’ll just chalk this one up to bad luck.

            Thank you for replying though!

  • Sharon BB

    I got my box today. I received a white skirt which I actually like, a teeny black bikini, false eyelashes, face serum and scalp treatment. I actually liked most of the products bar the falsies and too small bikini!!! A bit disappointed as I would have liked a piece of jewelry and I only received 5 items and others seemed to have got more, but I don’t suppose one should be greedy!!!

    It’s great value for money (provided you receive useful items) and I will order again.

    LJ, I got an email off them a good few weeks ago explaining that they were changing things up and my subscription would be cancelled, so for future boxes I could order as and when. I had to click on the order link on the original order email to get my details as I also had problems logging in but I think they are going some teething problems as many websites do.

    I also received a flat iron with the code provided here (hurray, thanks again Jaina) but it wasn’t the one that was supposed to arrive. Instead of easilocks I got a kumari one. Still good quality but costs a fair bit less. I wonder if the others received a replacement?

    • Hi Sharon. You should have received the easilocks one. I’m going to contact them now as that’s not what I agreed with them.

      • Sharon BB

        Hi Jaina, I have heard back from them but unfortunately they don’t have any easilocks left, so they offered me a 50% refund. Thanks for trying though as its not your fault, and at the end of the day I have got a free pair of straightners so I really shouldn’t moan!!! 🙂

        • Thanks for letting me know. Really sorry you didn’t receive the ones you should have.

    • Hi Sharon. I’ve just messaged the lady, can you email her and let her know you’ve not received the correct straighteners please 🙂

      • Sharon BB

        Oh thanks Jaina, I’ll give them an email now 🙂

    • LJ

      Ah, I noticed the site looked different but I’ve no emails from them since I placed my order on 5th May, so was a bit perplexed.

  • Jaq Cassidy

    I subscribed last month – the box wasn’t bad for £20, but not as good as many I saw reviewed. This month I bought the surprise box and it was not good. I only got four products in it, one of which ( a necklace) was broken, in a tatty box. I emailed them, got a reply that I’d been sent six items – no, I hadn’t, that’s why I was emailing them – but the minimum is five. I got four. Totally unhelpful – I emailed them back and no reply. Hugely unprofessional attitude. Be aware, you might also get repeat products. I got a phone case in both boxes.

    I also read a review from someone who’d paid to create her own box, but didn’t get to choose and seems to have received a surprise box instead and was still charged 39.99.

    Maybe they’ve just been overwhelmed by the interest, but I won’t be going near them again.

  • Mark Trunbull

    Got an email from them on the 16th of June ( I subscribed five weeks ago) and they said that they had received notice that my box had been damaged in transit and another would be sent out by the 26th June.Not sure why it will take them so long to send me another box~ super rubbish customer service.Not sure what to expect now having read the other reviews on here……

  • Katarina Novotna

    Ordered 14th of May. Delivered 19th June :/
    And I was completely disappointed with this box.
    False eyelashes, which I will never use. Necklace too short, that it would fit to a cat not a normal person… And notes? Really? 4ml of Circell ABO +|- serum. Joking?

    My Little Box is much better than this.